Non-Anesthesia Dental Cleaning

Dr. Kristen Swanson and her team of skilled animal hygienists come every other month to perform non-anesthesia dental cleaning services.

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Natural Veterinary Services

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Natural Veterinary Services - Happy Paws

Please note that there is a nonrefundable scheduling fee of $50. This deposit will be deducted from the cost of the cleaning at the time of your appointment.

2019 Dates:

May 11th, July 27th, September 28th, November 23rd


Dental Packages & Prices…………..$200-220

This includes a gingival treatment after the procedure and a bottle of dental ORME. This unique natural product kills disease-causing bacteria, boosts the immune system, and eliminates toxins to heal the gum line. It will not harm the beneficial bacteria that live in the gut!

The price difference will come into play for larger dogs, or dogs that are extra squirmy or have a lot of tartar built up.

Dental Laser Therapy…………….$35

We recommend Laser Therapy with the dental, giving immediate pain relief while decreasing the redness of the gums allows them to seal over the tooth again, limiting bacterial growth under the gum line. This is especially helpful in pets with a large amount of dental tartar, sensitive teeth, gingivitis, and periodontal recession.