Meet the Team

The crew at Happy Paws Boutique & Bakery is here to make sure your four legged family members have the best experience possible whenever they come for a visit!


Heather Adams

I’ve grown up in a family where your dogs and cats are like your children (my mom is responsible for this). While we seemed to cap our dogs to 1, every time a new cat followed one of us home, or someone came to our doorstep with a box of kittens, we added a new member to our family. As I grew up and became more concerned with my own nutrition, I also became concerned with the nutrition of my animals. It took only a couple of visits to the vet for nutrition related problems for my furry family for me to decide it was time to get serious. I’m currently studying to become certified in pet nutrition, and I can’t wait to officially be able to offer solid, researched advice to others.


Jessica McCollum

Born and raised in Sarasota, my grooming career started back in 2006. I was attending college to obtain a degree in criminology as working in law enforcement was my dream. I took a job bathing dogs to help with tuition and living expenses. Soon after they offered to send me to grooming School, I accepted because I figured why not, I was enjoying working with the dogs. Originally I wanted to become a large animal vet but my stomach didn't agree with that when things got yucky. I graduated with my criminology degree in 2007. I then had the opportunity to join the police academy but I slid that to the back burner for a little while as I was really enjoying grooming. And now here we are in 2019 and I absolutely love my job. My goals are to become a master groomer with my certification through the NDGAA and possibly compete one day. When I'm not at work primping the pups I'm busy trying to keep up with my two girls!


Paige Stevens

A skilled and caring groomer at Happy Paws Boutique & Bakery